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Yoga at Home
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When your living space is clear of clutter your mind can rest
When your mind is clear you act from a place of empowerment 
When your body is clear you move with ease and freedom

Weaving together all she has studied over the years, Kelly Vogel is a holistic practitioner who guides you to discover what it is to heal and find the flow in all areas of your life.

She is intuitive with facilitating the flow of energy whether it's in your body, your mind or your living space.

As a Certified massage therapist, bodyworker, and yoga instructor since 2004 she knows how to deeply listen to and move the energy in a way that is productive, clearing and healing. She got her training through Mckinnon and Upledger for massage and craniosacral therapy.  She did her teacher yoga training with Sianna Sherman and Noah Maze and has trained with a variety of different teachers and styles over the years since then. 

In decluttering your living space she is like a personal trainer holding you accountable and helping you get through those parts you don't want to do. Supporting you in letting go of what no longer aligns with your vision. Clearing anything out of your living space that you don't love or use, creating a sanctuary in your home, your mind and your body.


Mon - Sat

9am - 6pm ​​

Pacific Time

By Appointment

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Limited time special offer exclusively for women

Gather 3-4 of your friends or family to get massages/craniosacral at your home

Every 3 new clients you refer me you get a complimentary hour, so as a host you'll get a free hour to use as you see fit.

With groups of 4-5 people the travel fee is waived

Create an experience to relax and reconnect with your loved ones.