Wellness & Declutter Coaching


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What is Wellness Coaching:

Working with an area of your life where you are feeling blocked. Listening and guiding the conversation with questions that lead you to see something new for yourself. Creating a sense of empowerment, freedom in all areas of your life.

Declutter Coaching:

Working with your living space to free up any energy that is no longer serving you and finding the natural flow. Coaching you through a process of self inquiry on the things you own, keeping only what brings you joy. Creating a space where everything you own has a home providing more efficiency in your life. 

Clear space, clear mind. 



Kelly Vogel, CMT

Tice Valley Chiropractic Office

1866 Tice Valley Blvd

Walnut Creek, CA 94595


Home studio in Berkeley Hills 


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*There are no refunds on sessions, gift certificates or packages

Cancellation Policy:

**24 hour notice is required and appreciated. Accommodations made for sickness or emergency.

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